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As a personal trainer and psychotherapist I have dedicated 25 years of my life to providing support to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. I have seen how stress, depression, low self-esteem, poor health, injuries and weight gain affect a person’s well-being and overall quality of life. I have developed a system that draws upon psychotherapy and effective methods of personal training to help free your body and mind of emotional and physical burdens.

What I DO

I combine my skills as a personal trainer and psychotherapist to help you be your best. I listen to your specific needs and will meet you where you are. I will create a comfortable and safe space for us to talk about what is on your mind, and I will provide you with feedback. Together, we’ll develop a realistic action plan with achievable goals. The customized training program will be designed to fit your schedule, focus on the areas you want to improve, and provide you with psychological tools and exercise techniques to help you conquer obstacles and fulfill your dreams.


My career in psychology has helped me overcome personal barriers and has taught me to be mindful and knowledgeable about people's vulnerabilities. Since I understand how strongly connected our minds and bodies are, and how our thoughts influence our behaviors, I am able to help you figure out what motivates you and teach you how to integrate change into your life.

There is no better time than now to make the health changes you want.

Rosie Ascanio


PERSONAL training

I can meet you at your convenience, whether it is at your home, office, club or outdoors, to provide one-on-one sessions in either English or Spanish. The program I create will be tailor-made to meet your physical abilities and psychological needs. The types of training offered include flexibility, balance, core, cardiovascular, plyometric (also called reactive training), resistance, speed, agility and quickness.

I welcome working with busy professionals, students, athletes, former athletes, seniors, youth, and newcomers to the world of fitness.


Drawing on my background as a psychotherapist, I will teach you the essential skills needed to make behavioral changes. I will review your health history and address your attitudes and perceptions toward self-image, nutrition, health and fitness. Together we will develop a fitness plan that works for you. Once you are empowered with these tools, you will not have to wait long to see amazing results.


A healthy balance of the mind and body results in an ideal feeling of well-being. When you feel healthy, you look good — and everybody will notice it, especially you. Promoting wellness is part of the focus of my program. Research has shown that exercise not only builds fitness, it also helps you:

  • Feel more energetic

  • Improve your mood

  • Reduce your anxiety

  • Improve symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and other health conditions

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Boost your brain power

  • Cope with stress in a healthy way

  • Sleep better

  • Bounce back from setbacks

  • Increase your sexual confidence

tips from Rosie

Click on the images below to check out some of my personal training exercises.


Weight lifting is a popular way of toning the arms. Arm workouts must be done regularly in order to notice the physical benefits that may include leaner, more pronounced muscle definition in the arms as well as increased strength.

The exercise listed is a standing shoulder press dumbbells. To do this exercise, position dumbbells to each side of shoulders with elbows below wrist. Press dumbbells upwards until arms are extended overhead. Lower to sides of shoulders and repeat.


Reps:8-12 (Beginners) / 12-15 (Intermediate)


There are many benefits to chest toning including, better posture and more strength in the neck, chest and back areas.

The exercise listed is a standard push up. To do this exercise, lie prone on floor with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off floor by extending arms with body straight. Keeping both upper and lower body straight throughout the movement, lower body to floor by bending arms. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.


Reps:8-12 (Beginners) / 12-15 (Intermediate)


Abdominal muscles provide support and movement to the trunk that is often known as the core. Some of their benefits include: back support, improved posture, injury prevention, and personal confidence.

The exercise listed is a sit-up. Lie supine on floor and secure your feet. Your legs should be bent at the knees. Place hands behind neck or on side of neck. Flex your hip and spine to raise your torso toward your knees. Return until back of shoulders contact the floor. Repeat.


Reps:12-15 (Beginners) / 15-20 (Intermediate)


Aside from making you look good, working out your legs is beneficial to many aspects of life because they are so crucial to your mobility. Leg exercises not only work your legs, but also increase upper body strength, working the lower back, shoulders, and the core muscles.

The exercise listed is a lunge. Stand with hands on hips or clasped behind neck. Lunge forward with first leg. Land on heel, and forefoot. Lower body by flexing knee and hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. Return to original standing position by forcibly extending hip and knee of forward leg. Repeat by alternating lunge with opposite leg.


Reps:8-12 each leg (Beginners) / 12-15each leg (Intermediate)


According to research, endorphins, like serotonin, are commonly produced in response to stress and pain, but there is increasing evidence that they are also produced during exercise.

The exercise listed is running, a type of cardio. There are many major benefits for doing cardio: stronger heart and bones, increased metabolism and ability to metabolize fat, increased endurance, stamina, and energy, decreased stress and depression, improved immune function, and improved sleep and quality of life among others.

Frequency:30 - 45 min / 3 x per week


With the ability to reduce stress, ease lower back pain, increase flexibility and more, stretching should become a part of everyone's exercise routine.

The exercise listed is kneeling hip flexor stretch. Lunge forward with knee on padded mat. Position foot beyond forward knee. Place hands on knee. Straighten hip of rear leg by pushing hips forward. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite side.



Hold:15-20 seconds each leg

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I am based in Oakland servicing clients in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Emeryville and throughout the East Bay. Use this contact form to schedule an appointment, ask a question or just say hello .